About this Project

The Conservatory is one of the oldest still-running music venues in the state. Up until this past year, the Conservatory was falling apart and was on the verge of closing until local promoters started booking popular bands and bringing in a new crowd to the venue. Now with a new generation keeping the venue alive, the Conservatory needed a new identity for its customers to connect with. I chose to create a new mark, business system, commercial, and poster design guidelines to help The Conservatory create a new identity for itself as a place to relax and listen to music. I wanted the mark to have a clean-cut, classy style that was a little “off.” The idea was to have a punk rock feel mixed with an almost ironic yet classy business men style. The actual mark was supposed to represent not only the sound waves coming off a speaker cone but also an eyeball. The Conservatory is known in Oklahoma City for it’s graffitied walls mostly consisting of aliens and eyeballs. Instead of trying to represent the word ‘conservatory’ visually I decided to use imagery that the regulars could appreciate.