About Matt

My name is Matt Magill. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator currently residing in the beautiful city of Austin Texas. After receiving my BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Oklahoma, I started designing for the built environment as an experiential graphic designer. In my spare time, I am "fine" artist currently focusing on screenprinting and woodcuts, as well as a member of Spratx, a local street artist collective. I am also one half of Okie Collective, a design team I developed with my arch nemesis/drinking partner, Max Duggan.


OU Student Media Leadership Award - 2010

OU Student Media Designer of the Year Award - 2010


About Okie Collective

Okie Collective is a two man design team focused on branding, illustration, and web design. Though we are working out of New York and Austin, our roots are in the motherland of Oklahoma. In today's market, companies large and small are running to smaller boutique firms to get a creative edge - and you can't get smaller or more boutique than two guys from Oklahoma. 

Along with our design services, we are addicted to conceptual art and try to use this company to not just support us, but the exceptionally talented Okie artists we've befriended over the years. So please feel free the check out the artist we write about on the blog, our own art work, and even ponder buying a piece from the shop.